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Rules, Regulations, and Policies

The following is a list of rules, regulations and policies adopted by the BCA Board of Directors. The Brandermill Community Association bylaws give the board the power to adopt rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Properties and Restricted Common Properties (also called Open Space Areas and Private Open Space Areas) and the personal conduct of the members and their guests thereon, and to establish penalties for the infraction thereof. The Brandermill Covenants also give the board the power to establish policies, rules and regulations governing the use of individual properties in some cases.

Bicycling and Jogging

Residents are urged to use the walking paths rather than the streets for bicycling and jogging.

Boat Launching and Storage

Only boats register with Brandermill Community Association may be launched from association property, including but not limited to Sunday Park, The Landing at Commodore Point, Harbour Pointe and Waterside Park. Likewise, only registered boats may be stored on association property. When not in use, boats must be stored in their assigned spots. Waterfront homeowners may store one motorized and one non-motorized boat on open space adjacent to their property. The boat must be properly secured in an area designate by the BCA. Pontoon boats may not be beached at Sunday Park, The Landing at Commodore Point or Harbour Pointe. Electrical power cords and electrical features are not permitted on or across BCA open space.

Boat Registration

Boat registration applies to all boats and other watercraft, including sailboats, canoes, kayaks, jon boats, paddle boats, pontoon boats, windsurfers, and inflatable boats.

Boat Rentals

The BCA Boating Center located in Sunday Park provides limited boat rentals for residents from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., weather permitting.

Brandermill Marina

The BCA provides a full service dock facility in Harbour Pointe. Slips rent for an annual fee of $1,000.00 which includes water and electrical service. The marina is currently rented to capacity, email cory.garcia@fsresidential.com to be contacted when a slip becomes available.

Clearing or Landscaping Open Space

Residents may not clear or landscape Open Space Areas, including the Open Space along the lake, without Brandermill Community Association permission.

Fishing in the Swift Creek Reservoir

Residents and their guests may fish from BCA owned open space or docks. Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries licensing requirements are enforced. Catch and release practices are preferred but fish caught may be removed as permitted by Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries.


Hunting is prohibited on all Brandermill Community Association property, including the Brandermill portion of the lake. Shooting of any firearm within 600 feet of an occupied dwelling should be reported to the police. Call 911.

Ice Skating

Because of dangerous soft spots caused by springs under the ice, skating on the lake is discouraged.

Mopeds, ATV's, or Motorcycles on Open Space

Mopeds, ATV's, motorcycles and other such vehicles are not permitted on Open Space, including but not limited to the bike paths and the Sunday Park peninsula.


The pavilions at Sunday Park, Harbour Pointe, and Waterside Park are for use by Brandermill property owners and tenants and their guests and Brandermill Community Association-sanctioned clubs and organizations. These facilities may be reserved.

On weekends and holidays only groups composed solely of Brandermill property owners and tenants may use the pavilions. On weekdays only groups composed principally of property owners may use the pavilions. School classes with Brandermill students may use the pavilions on weekdays only. Groups using the Sunday Park pavilion are limited to a maximum of 50 on weekends and 75 on weekdays. The Sunday Park pavilion is not rented after dark. Amplified music and excessive noise are not permitted. Requests for an exception to these policies should be directed to the community manager. In accordance with Virginia laws, individuals and groups who reserve the pavilions may not serve alcoholic beverages without a license from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The ABC Board telephone number for information is 804-213-4624.

Personal Signs

Personal signs, including but not limited to those advertising garage and yard sales, lost pets, births, birthdays and anniversaries, parties and other gatherings, and items and homes for sale, are not permitted except on the community bulletin boards. BCA-sanctioned yard sale and lost pet signs are available at the BCA office. Signs posted on street signs, stop signs, neighborhood signs, trees or other locations will be removed by the BCA. General Covenants, Part I, Paragraph 4.

Real Estate Signs on Individual Properties

One real estate sign of the standard size (approximately 18" X 24") is permitted on each property for sale. The sign must be displayed at the front of the property at least six feet back from the street so as not to interfere with maintenance operations or cut utility lines. General Covenants, Part I, Paragraph 4.

Real Estate Signs on the Parkways

Signs directing prospective buyers to properties for sale are permitted on the parkways on Saturdays and Sundays only. Signs must be removed before 7 a.m. Monday. Signs on the parkways at unauthorized times will be collected by the BCA.

Swimming in the Lake

Swimming and wading from BCA owned open space or docks is not permitted. Swimming from personally owned watercraft is permitted.

Tree Houses and Forts on Open Space

Tree houses and forts are not permitted on open space.

Trees on Open Space

Brandermill Community Association may remove dead trees from open space if they threaten personal safety or individual property. Otherwise, in keeping with Brandermill environmental policies, the area will be left in its natural state.